You cannot expect to catch a fish without a line in the water!
But then again, a successful day fishing will depend on...
  • What you put out there
  • How you put it out
  • Why you put it out
  • When you put it out
...And what is most important, when you do catch what you are looking for
  • How you pull it in
  • How you get friends to also come along
Step 1
Fill in your profile details, contact details, location and a short description.
Step 2
Set up an interactive website, linked blog multi media portal and CRM (Contact Relationship Management) system.
Step 3
Load your contacts, publish your first blog and promote your business on social media platforms
Step 4
Showcase your products and services and share links to the material with your contacts and prospective clients...
Relax... this sounds complicated... A RealStew Mentor will work you through each step
RealStew does more...
  • Than improve the way you communicate
  • Than save you money and time!
  • Than convert collective energy to benefit you as a User...
So much more...
Social Lending
Where Users borrow money against the strength of their income from Users looking for a better rate than offered by Banks!
With no Banks involved...
  • Borrowers pay less
  • Lenders receive more

Borrow and lend in any currency on-line where everyone Wins!

Secure on-line process with funds requested, advanced and repaid on-line!

  • List Products
  • Manage inventory
  • Costing calculators
  • Blog and promote your experience
  • Publish portfolio
  • Showcase your store
  • List your products on a public store
  • Create specials/deals
  • Put items up for auction
  • Receive payments
  • Lenders receive more
Knowledge is key for good communication!
Access a full history of your communication, shared documents and financial records from the RealStew Cloud Vault
Do a search of all your chat, postings and interaction on the RealStew Platform.
Access Digital Wallet and transaction records.
Access Digital Wallet and transaction records.
Important records accessed at any time.
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